Stephen C. Lubkemann, Ph.D

Moreover, you have clearly done an exemplary job of inculcating a respect for submerged heritage and for a sound archeological approach that makes them invaluable in terms of public outreach and monitoring in the dive community. I therefore want to request that every effort be made to include them in our future field school projects—providing of course that they can work within archaeological budget parameters.
While I can only speak formally of my own views, I can say that in various conversations with Dave Conlin, Chief of the US National Park Service’s Submerged Resources Unit and with Dr. Jose Jones and Ken Stewart, co-founders of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers – all have conveyed similar sentiments about how fortunate we have been to have the Frog Squad’s support. Given that USNPS-SRC is arguably the lead dive research agency in the US and that Dr. Jones is a diving legend (who personally collaborated with Jacques Costeau for many years) I do not take their views lightly.

In short, I must commend you for having cultivated a truly exemplary collaboration with the dive community that clearly buttresses archeological endeavors in a profoundly significant –indeed an essential--way.

Stephen C. Lubkemann, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs
George Washington University;

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