Douglas Glover

The movie was primarily shot on the water and underwater.  I really believe that much of the success of the project was due to the drama and suspense created in the water scenes.  
Jason and his team at Frog Squad where extremely professional, talented and tireless.  As the Marine Coordinator and Underwater Cinematographer, Jason was always very calm and collected whenever there were problems with weather, schedule or budget thrown at him and he always had a solution.  
What I look for  in a department head is someone that can think for themselves, be creative and come up with new ideas when doing something that hasn’t been done before.  On this project we wanted to take a 60’ whale prop that was designed to sit on a beach, put it in the ocean and tow it behind a ship.  Instead of saying that this probably wouldn’t work, Jason and his team said that they would find a solution within the budget and make it work.  
Frog Squad pulled it off and as a result we had a very successful show.  I would highly recommend Jason Martin and Frog Squad for any project of any scope.  

Thank you,

Douglas Glover

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